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YPG Curriculum and Requirements


Taught by industry leaders, each YPG educational session offers instruction in critical components of the real estate industry. Each session is designed to immerse the YPG class in aspects of the business that will provide an essential background to their core real estate career objectives. Topics include land planning, development, construction, capital markets, architecture, engineering, asset management and more.

The YPG class receives personal development guidance from a course facilitator and guest instructors. Candidates will examine their personal strengths and areas of opportunity, and learn how to utilize this knowledge to cultivate success in both personal and professional environments.

Participation in YPG builds a peer group of young professionals from a range of real estate disciplines, providing a foundation of likeminded colleagues and access to critical resources that will serve the class throughout their careers.

YPG students receive access to and training by key decision-makers in the real estate industry. These “career coaches” serve as role models and mentors, offering invaluable firsthand insight to students for their career growth. In addition, participants receive leadership training that will allow them to develop the key business skills necessary to ascend to leadership positions, not only within their respective firms but within the industry.


YPG candidates are expected, in addition to the monthly scheduled class sessions, to devote several hours each month in preparation for case studies and participation in the program; the vast majority of that time is spent outside normal business hours. An initial retreat, which includes an orientation session and a team-building workshop, is held at the beginning stages of the program and attendance is mandatory.

Each YPG Candidate:

  • Must be a professional in the commercial real estate industry.
  • Must be an active member in good standing of NAIOP SoCal Chapter to apply.
  • Must be 35 years of age or younger
  • Must be willing to commit the time, resources and skills required for active involvement in the program including, but not limited to, attendance at all program events. Applicants must obtain explicit support of their employer for this commitment to YPG.
  • Must practice high standards of professional and personal integrity.
  • Must demonstrate leadership qualities and capabilities as well as positive attitudes.

Requirements for admission include:

  • Submission of the YPG checklist and application, including 1-page resume, to be reviewed and approved by YPG selection committee.
  • Must be an active member in good standing of NAIOP SoCal Chapter to apply.
  • Employer endorsement.
  • (2) recommendations written on candidate's behalf - NAIOP SoCal member(s) preferred, but not mandatory.
  • Company’s commitment of $2,250 corporate fee for each candidate accepted to the program.
  • Student's commitment of $750 student tuition.
  • Student's commitment to attend mandatory 2.5 day YPG Retreat.
  • Student's commitment to attend monthly educational sessions and networking events that are separate and apart from other NAIOP Corporate and NAIOP SoCal activities, with the understanding that if (2) educational sessions are missed, student will be expelled from YPG program.

2023-24 YPG Selection Committee (to be announced)

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