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Political Action Committee

A Political Action Committee, or PAC, is a type of committee that has been organized for the purpose of collecting and contributing money to support or oppose candidates and ballot initiatives. There are both Federal PACs, which are governed by the FEC (Federal Election Commission), and State PACs, in which California’s is overseen by the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

NAIOP SoCal has two PACs that provide support for state and local issues. Both NAIOP SoCal PACs rely on donations for funding. Candidates and issues are vetted by a separate Boards of Directors for the PACs before allocating any funds. This investment will not only offer unique benefits throughout the year, but also aid your company's long-term viability in ways that would not be an option without this type of advocacy and support.

Candidates PAC

The NAIOP SoCal PAC will make non-partisan contributions to those candidates who demonstrate an understanding of the commercial real estate industry, and display behaviors and actions that promote the commercial real estate industry and economic growth.

Issues PAC

The Issues PAC supports ballot measures and proposals that strengthen the industry and fights against measures that threaten the growth and advance of commercial real estate.


Political Action Committee Chair

Lang Cottrell


NAIOP SoCal Senior Director of Government Relations

Jose Cornejo

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