NAIOP SoCal - Mentorship Program 2020-21 Mentor Application

Mentor Information Sheet

The Mentorship Program is designed to be a one-on-one experience to foster a quality mentoring relationship between the upcoming leaders of tomorrow and the experienced leaders of today.  The program goals are for the mentor to share life lessons, serve as a sounding board for professional/personal challenges and provide mentees exposure to experiences or people that they might not traditionally experience in their current position.

The Mentorship Program will run from September 2020-April 2021. There will be a commitment of approximately one mentee meeting per month, as well as an invitation to a wrap-up networking event for all mentees/mentors in late June. These group events will allow program participants to network with one another and provide the Mentorship Committee an opportunity to obtain feedback on the program.

Mentees will be individually assigned a mentor at the discretion of the NAIOP Mentorship Committee based upon on a mentee application review/selection process.  To assist the Mentorship Committee in pairing mentees and mentors please complete the form below by September 25th.

If you have additional questions prior to submitting this form, please contact Tom McAndrews at or Angela Azizian at