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Take Urgent Action Now and Oppose ACA 13

Tell Your CA State Senator & Assemblymember to Vote “No” on ACA 13

Dear NAIOP SoCal Members and Advocates,

NAIOP SoCal needs YOUR URGENT HELP to stop ACA 13 from passing in the California State Legislature.

Proposed constitutional amendment, ACA 13 (Ward), is a direct attack on Proposition 13 and must be stopped.

ACA 13 will be debated this week on the Floor of the California State Senate. While NAIOP SoCal is fighting to prevent its passage in the State Senate, the amendment would move to the State Assembly for a concurrence vote should it be adopted by the Senate.

We urge you, your co-workers and friends to take immediate action by calling your State Senator and Assemblymember using our scripted phone Action Alert.

ACA 13 aims to make it harder for California voters to restore Prop. 13 taxpayer protections when the State Legislature or courts attempt to weaken them.

In recent years, the judiciary has repeatedly ruled against the will of voters by weakening voter-enacted taxpayer protections like Propositions 13 and 218. In fact, ACA 13 would codify loopholes exacted by the courts, such as the Upland decision, which overturned parts of Prop. 13 and Prop. 218 by allowing for a simple majority vote (i.e., a 50% plus one vote) on tax measures put forward by citizens’ initiatives.

In addition, California voters’ ability to curb such loopholes, including by way of the Taxpayer Protection Act (TPA), would be curtailed and subject to the whim of the State Legislature. The TPA is a citizens’ initiative that will be on the 2024 statewide ballot. It is intended to limit the ability of legislators to pass new and higher taxes by giving voters the right to vote on all future tax proposals and thus hold lawmakers accountable.

Please take immediate phone action and encourage colleagues and friends to join our efforts in urging State Senators and Assemblymembers to oppose ACA 13.

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Legislative Affairs Committee Co-Chair

TJ Bard
The Abbey Company

Courtney Smith

Legislative Affairs Committee Co-Chair

Courtney Wing
Newcastle Partners

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