PeopleSpace is a collaboration between IOS (Interior Office Solutions) and Haworth, to transform the way organizations plan, design and execute workspace strategy. It’s the same IOS, the same team, a new name and new resources. Amplified by an affiliation with Haworth, we’re investing in innovation and a new approach that delivers a streamlined, positive customer experience from start to finish. As many of us know the world has become more “people-centered” in every sector. Workspaces must support well-being, culture, innovation and collaboration and that too is our focus. Since we create indoor and outdoor spaces where people thrive, both for clients and ourselves, we re-named ourselves PeopleSpace. We integrate best practices, tools and innovations in a proven process that enhances your experience from start to finish. Our model addresses industry issues such as the increased complexity around space planning and procurement. At every stage, from initial discovery to final installation and beyond, we listen and respond proactively and effectively. We create spaces where people can thrive!

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