YPG Alumni – Griffin Cogorno appointed President of Unire Real Estate Group

Unire Real Estate Group Celebrates 20 Years in Business

The company celebrates surpassing 50 million square feet under management, and names Griffin Cogorno President as Mark Harryman moves into CEO role.

BREA, Calif. – Unire Real Estate Group, one of the top asset service providers in Southern California, announced today the appointment of Griffin Cogorno as president, effective immediately. Former president and founder of Unire Group, Mark Harryman, will continue his company involvement as CEO.

“We are thrilled to have Griff step into this role as we approach our most successful year yet. His depth of experience, tenacity, positive attitude, and proven leadership throughout his time at Unire Group has been instrumental in leading us to where we are now,” Harryman said. “Not only am I happy Unire Group will continue to be a family-owned and operated company – a legacy I am proud of – but I know Griff will excel at maintaining our momentum as we continue to provide best-in-class service to our clients.”

As president, Cogorno will lead and manage the company’s unique client-driven approach, providing services for the group’s portfolio, which includes 50 million square feet and more than $10 billion in assets under management. Since he joined Unire Group in 2014 as Vice President of Client Services, Cogorno achieved his goal of significant measured growth, while maintaining excellent service levels, having almost doubled the size of its managed portfolio.

Harryman founded Unire Real Estate Group in 2000 with three employees from Cushman & Wakefield, all of whom remain with the company in executive roles. Since its founding, Unire Group has grown to more than 50 million square feet by adhering to some simple, yet fundamental values.

“We’re committed to our core values – quality, integrity, determination and experience – and they’ve been vital to our success,” Harryman said.

Harryman established the company in order to provide a quality and cohesive suite of asset services for institutional and private clients. With his team, he crafted individual solutions and processes for each client, instead of forming clients into a mold. His goal – to position Unire Group as a partner with clients, not just another manager or service provider – has resulted in Unire Group’s consistent focus on hiring best-in-class teams, vendors, and brokers instead of using in-house affiliates, who may not always be the best for each client, asset, or strategy.

“Mark [Harryman] has been an outstanding mentor throughout the years, and I value all he’s done to allow me to grow along with the company,” Cogorno said. “He’s one of the most ethical people in this industry – and beyond – and his leadership has truly been a lead-by-example style, which has been critical to our success.”

Cogorno first joined the company as Director of Client Services before becoming vice president. With a fresh and energetic perspective on the industrial commercial real estate market, Cogorno focused on expanding Unire Group’s presence in the market through relationships, technology, news media, and analytics, while never losing sight of long-term client initiatives, personal service and customer needs. By expanding market awareness and securing new business and revenue generating opportunities, he has been instrumental in growing Unire Group’s footprint from 28 million square feet to more than 50 million square feet during the last six years.

“I look forward to bringing our clients a personal touch for each individual property, pursuing measured growth, and continuing this legacy of a work culture second-to-none with a well-balanced work-life experience,” Cogorno said.

With more than 15 years of experience working in commercial and residential real estate and finance, Cogorno has held positions at JP Morgan Chase and The O’Donnell Group.

Unire Real Estate’s recent growth momentum includes multiple new assignments in Northern California’s Bay Area, Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Diego and is expected to continue through 2020 by adding square footage above their existing 50 million square feet under management.

For more information, visit   www.uniregroup.com.