SB 939 Set for Hearing on 6/18 – Call to Action!

SB 939 Set for Hearing on June 18th
Grassroots Effort Needed to Defeat SB 939

An important message to our NAIOP SoCal members…

We’ve been keeping you updated on the progress of SB 939 (Wiener) and have enlisted your assistance in helping to stop this legislation that would nullify leases and require you to go without rent for many months.  SB 939 is set for another hearing on June 18th, and it’s critical that we have as great an impact in opposing this measure as possible.

Toward that end, a special opposition website has been set up at – in addition to the information about the bill, a current list of opposition and press, there are buttons that allow you to email as well as Tweet your State Senator with the click of a button.  We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and friends.  Let them know that SB 939 would take local temporary rent forbearance measures to another level by extending them indefinitely statewide and also allow numerous businesses to walk away from their lease obligations altogether.  While the bill has been characterized as applying only to restaurants and select small businesses, it in fact applies to virtually all California commercial leases.

SB 939 is the wrong solution to a legitimate problem.  It will thwart the state’s economic recovery and result in more business closures, more lost jobs, lower property values and less local and state tax revenue.  Please take action on or before June 16th which is two days before the hearing.

Please take these three easy steps today:

  • Click on the Take Action link and send the pre-populated letter to your local Senator.
  • If you have a Twitter account, click on the second button in the same Take Action link to send a pre-populated tweet. Tweets are particularly helpful because they are in the public domain and the legislator knows that the public can see them as well. 
  • Share this information with your colleagues and friends so they understand the devastating impact this bill will have on commercial real estate.

A large coalition of groups is supporting our industry to stop this measure.  Please help by getting the information out far and wide.

For questions, please contact Peter Herzog via email or call (949) 380-3300.  Thank you!

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