Q&A with NAIOP Chairman Jim Neyer

Recently Jim Neyer, executive vice president of capital and investment with AI and NAIOP chairman, visited the Southern California NAIOP chapter to speak to our membership. Connect Media’s Sarah Quinn spent some time with Neyer to talk about what the association is focused on.

Please share any important initiatives that NAIOP is leading?

At the corporate level NAIOP has a real emphasis on talent development, specifically on diversity initiatives. We put together a cabinet of corporate CEOs to emphasize and improve hiring practices. NAIOP has also teamed with Prologis to provide a program scholarship for up to 10 individuals, helping prepare a pipeline of women and minorities for development and operations positions in commercial real estate.

Why is membership in NAIOP more important than ever?

We have proven that NAIOP members do business with NAIOP members. And even in good times people are looking to grow their business relationships.  But inevitably there are downturns. And it is then when those relationships that are made that are lifetime bonds formed that help people through the downturn. That is a great benefit to joining.

Of course I have to cite our advocacy efforts that promote issues of importance for the entire 20,000 NAIOP members, which are really important. For 2018, NAIOP identified three priority legislative issues including: infrastructure and transportation; capital and credit availability; and environment and energy efficiency.

How do you see the industry changing – any interesting trend or two?

The shared economy and the disruption we are seeing is really changing the way people are doing things. The way business in the office is being done differently with shared space and the community work space is a real trendsetter. Industrial is changing quite a bit, moving away from traditional retail to things delivered in a cardboard box and quickly. Last mile logistics is a big deal along with the complete change in distribution of goods throughout the U.S. These are all topics that we will continue to address for our members as part of our resources and events.