Presidents Message

It’s great to live and work in Southern California. I’ve been doing it my whole life.  However, each year I grow more and more concerned by the onslaught of new legislation being proposed that seeks to further undermine all that makes California great. This is especially true for all of us in the commercial real estate industry and the business community in general.  My message for everyone: Wake up. Smell the coffee. If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu in Sacramento and in most other regional & local municipalities.

We’re in a new era of “define a problem” and create a new tax or fee to solve it. It can be potholes, homelessness, drug needles in the Santa Ana River or any other significant problem. Whatever it is, our political leadership wants to throw more money at it in an attempt to solve the problem. And to do that they target commercial real estate developers and property owners because “they have the money.” There are so many new rules, regulations, fees and parcel taxes that our Legislative Affairs committee is struggling to keep up with all of them. We need your help! You can read more in this month’s Legislative Report on what we are doing and how you can get involved. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for all of us to get engaged, get involved, and mobilize. Otherwise, we could very likely be put out of business.

The good news is that all is not doom and gloom. I see much hope in the future thanks to our young professionals.

Two of the only seven 2018 Developing Leader Award recipients chosen by NAIOP were from Southern California. I want to congratulate Matt Milich, a director with Brasa Capital Management, and Chris Drzyzga, a vice president with Voit Real Estate Services. Their commitment to the industry and to our chapter is outstanding. Their recognition for this highly competitive award is well-deserved and further honors our region and chapter.

In addition, Connect Media announced their Next Generation Awards and a number of the recipients were YPG members, including: Stephanie McGregor, Irvine Company; Drew Huffman, Hines; Chris Tipre, Trammel Crow; Anthony Delorenzo, CBRE; Jim Singleton, Bascom; and Amir Sadr, Cox, Castle & Nicholson. Well done!

These individuals are all members who represent the best of what our industry is and can be, showcasing not just professional success but personal commitment, balance, and industry dedication.

Looking ahead, I want to encourage you to join me at our Fall Forum on October 4th that will feature CBRE Head of Research, Americas, Senior Economic Advisor Spencer Levy, who will provide us an economic briefing, further setting us up for 2019. We will also enjoy opening remarks from NAIOP Corporate Chairman of the Board, Jim Neyer, who will be visiting our chapter.

This fall also brings our annual USC vs. UCLA Real Estate Challenge to be held on November 15th. The committee is already hard at work planning the site that will be the point of competition for our graduate student teams. Be there to cheer on your favorite school!

James V. Camp