Legislative Update

In this report … November 6, Election Day! Your NAIOP PAC Actively involved, CBPA Honors NAIOP SoCal President James Camp, It’s Budget time, Happy Holidays. Contact Legislative Affairs Director Vickie Talley for help with your government affairs issues.

November 6 Election Day -Very Important to Vote!
Every election is very important and EVERY VOTE counts! Please vote on November 6th.
Los Angeles County Voters – Remember to VOTE no on Measure W – The Storm water parcel tax.
Everyone Vote NO on Statewide Measure 10 – The measure that will enable cities to enact rent controls!
For the full NAIOP SoCal Voter Guide CLICK HERE

Your NAIOP PAC Actively Involved
This election cycle, your NAIOP SoCal Political Action Committee has been very involved and committed to protecting your property rights and electing pro-business candidates who understand the importance of commercial real estate in the local and state economy. The NAIOP SoCal PAC has contributed nearly $100,000 supporting the “right” candidate and measures. This is no small task and is taken very seriously by the NAIOP SoCal Political Action Committee members. Over the next two years much more will need to be spent fighting the effort to create a split roll tax that is a direct threat to the viability of the commercial real estate industry!

It’s Budget Time
Each year at this time the Legislative Affairs Committee presents its budget to the Board of Directors for approval. We are now working on the 2019 legislative affairs budget, which will have as its highest priority the Split Roll Property Tax measure appearing on the 2020 ballot. We are proposing the formation of a NAIOP SoCal Issues Political Action Committee for the specific purpose of helping to defeat the split roll property tax. Now is the time for every NAIOP member to budget and be prepared to pledge support to fund the campaign to defeat Split Roll. This is not a small task – it is a statewide measure that will take millions of dollars to defeat. Now is the time to begin planning and budgeting for the defeat of split roll! We are counting on all NAIOP SoCal members to step up to this challenge.

Happy Holidays
The next couple of years will be challenging, so please accept your Legislative Affairs and Political Action Committees’ wishes for a blessed and wonderful holiday season and New Year!