Legislative Update

In this report … Washington, D.C. Leadership Retreat, Split Roll Initiative Filed, Carried Interest Bill Introduced in California, Dual Agency Bill Stopped.  Contact Legislative Affairs Director Vickie Talley for help with your government affairs issues.

Washington, D.C. Leadership Retreat

NAIOP SoCal President James Camp was joined at the February Leadership Retreat by NAIOP Corporate Board Members Stephane Wandel and Tom Wulf.  Also attending were So Cal Board Members Steve Pearson, Alison Vukovich and Kevin Ivey.  SoCal Executive Director Cynthia Fusco, Marketing and Communications Director Christina Hong and Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs Robert Evans rounded out the SoCal delegation at this annual Retreat.

In addition to a busy education session schedule, the Retreat included a visit to Capitol Hill to visit with our Congressional Representatives.  Our delegates were able to visit personally with eight members of Congress and/or their key staff representatives.  During the meetings, they shared NAIOP’s concerns on key issues – both our local regional issues as well as the top federal issues.  Detailed information packets were left behind for reference outlining our positions on each of the areas shown below.  Click here for a complete copy of the DC briefing packet.

      Regional Issues Talking Points

  • Discussion of Realistic Approaches to Federal Clean Air Standards
  • California’s Infrastructure – Specifically Transportation and Goods Movement
  • Poverty and Lack of Middle Class Jobs

      Federal Issues Talking Points

  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Capital and Credit Availability
  • Environment and Energy Efficiency

SPLIT ROLL Initiative Filed – The Battle Has Begun

A split roll tax initiative entitled “The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2018” was filed by California Calls and the League of Women Voters designed to be on the November, 2018 ballot.  California Calls is a grassroots mobilization group typically funded by the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and the California Teachers Association.  The key provisions would reassess all business properties in 2020 to their full market value, and the property would be reassessed every three years thereafter.  NAIOP’s Sacramento advocate, the California Business Properties Association (CBPA) is on the Executive Committee of Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes, the entity that will coordinate the efforts of business and taxpayer groups.  The supporters of this split roll property tax measure must collect over 585,000 valid voter signatures to qualify, which means they will need to collect considerably more than this number within a relatively short period of time.  Watch for an announcement on the Legislative Alert section of the NAIOP SoCal Website.

Click here to read the title and summary that will appear on the ballot asking voters to support this measure.  OR you can read the entire ballot measure by clicking here.

Carried Interest Bill Introduced in California

NAIOP opposes such legislation because of the effect it has on reducing private capital to fund property development and upgrades.  NAIOP members are working closely with Matthew Hargrove of California Business Properties (CBPA) to hopefully defeat this legislation.  The bill number is AB 2731.

Dual Agency Bill Stopped

AB 1059 (Gonzalez-Fletcher) was a bill that would have banned completely the use of dual representation in commercial real estate transactions.  This was a very serious threat to our industry, since such a ban would have dramatically, and negatively, impacted the ability to complete commercial property transactions.  NAIOP SoCal worked closely with CBPA to fight the bill.  A key part of the effort was to have individual business owners contact key members of the Legislature so they were not just hearing from “lobbyists.”  Thank you to NAIOP members who participated in calling their legislators to oppose this bill.  This type of support is critically important!