Legislative Report

In this report … New Property Tax Proposal, NAIOP SoCal Issues PAC Contributes $45,000 to Stop Split Roll. Contact Legislative Affairs Director Vickie Talley for help with your government affairs issues.

New Property Tax Proposal Piles On!

Los Angeles County has placed another parcel tax measure on the ballot.  The Board of Supervisors has approved placing the measure on the March 2020 ballot that would provide for more staffing and upgraded equipment for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. 

The measure would put a 6 cents per square foot parcel tax that would increase by 2% annually and is a permanent tax.  It will require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the voters.

NAIOP SoCal has joined with other business organizations to oppose parcel taxes in the past

NAIOP So Cal Issues PAC Contributes $45,000 to Stop Split Roll

All NAIOP Members Need To Contribute

The NAIOP SoCal Board of Directors is taking the fight against Split Roll property taxes very seriously.  They have dedicated $100,000 to the NAIOP SoCal Issues PAC with $45,000 being contributed this year and the balance in 2020.

President Moore and Legislative Committee Chair McCusker authored a letter to members that was published in the last issue of e-news.  They spelled out the importance of opposing split roll and asked every NAIOP SoCal member to join in the fight by contributing to the campaign effort to defeat the $11 Billion Property Tax Hike.  Click Here to Read the Letter!

If split roll passes, your property will be assessed at current market value and continue to be reassessed every three years! 

Public opinion polling says that Split Roll can be defeated with a well-funded early campaign.  Reaching voters statewide is a very expensive undertaking and it is going to take every commercial property owner to step up with contributions – significant.

Every NAIOP member is being asked to calculate the year-over-year tax costs to your company should you lose your critically important protection of Prop 13.  Then make the decision to contribute to Californians to Stop Higher Property taxes with a contribution before the end of the year and to budget an additional contribution in 2020.  The committee is suggesting that you contribute 10% of the annual costs of the property tax you will be paying if split roll passes and you will no longer have Prop 13 protections.

Click Here to Contribute!

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