Fierce Competition at “Video” Y Games

The theme of this year’s fun-filled YPG Y Games event was, “Video Games.” Oltman’s Construction’s Karen Okerlund, who served as Y Games Chair, led the way in the competition that brought together young leaders to test their athletic skills in a variety of serious and somewhat silly games.

Participants enacted various video games from Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man and Pokémon. The Strike Force team ruled the day. The team included: Colin Bagwell; Jerry Delgado – Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Spencer Fisher – Q10 | Westcap; Vanessa Hamilton – RETS Associates; Arnold  Lebrilla  – Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Nathan Lopez – Liberty SBF; Carlos  Monroy – Liberty SBF; Cole Morgan – Stuart Kane LLP; Jack O’Connor – Anderson Commercial Real Estate Group; and Peter Schafer. 

See more competition in this Y Games highlight reel put together by Connect Media:

Click here to watch the Y Games Highlight reel