VICTORY! SB 939 Fails to Pass Senate Appropriations!

SB 939 Fails to Pass Senate Appropriations!

Thank you to all NAIOP SoCal members who stepped up to educate members of the Senate to oppose this bill through letters, calls and social media. It would not have been possible without the measurable commitment of time and money from our commercial real estate community. Sources reported that according to Senator Wiener’s Communications Director, Catie Stewart, the bill died, in part, because of the “strong opposition of the commercial real estate industry.”  This opposition was led by California Business Properties Association (CBPA), NAIOP, AIR CRE and others including minority business groups like California Black Chamber of Commerce, California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic 100, and TELACU.

Following is a statement from Rex S. Hime, President and CEO, California Business Properties Association (CBPA) about SB 939:

“Thankfully, legislators made the right choice to keep this bill on suspense. SB 939 is a bad bill. It is far too broad and would have done serious damage to California’s economy. We applaud those who believe policy is more important than politics in addressing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

While we celebrate this success, we must remain vigilant to ensure this language and other negative legislation doesn’t find its way back.

For more information, contact NAIOP SoCal Legislative Affairs Peter Herzog