Split Roll Action Needed NOW!

It seems as though we have been talking about Split Roll for years and, in fact we have. We have successfully prevented/defeated Split Roll proponents from putting split roll measures on the ballot several times over the years. That is the good news. We were able to “buy” time – now the time has run out. Split Roll is NOW on the November 2020 ballot – in an election year with a high voter turn-out, which in California may make a campaign to defeat Split Roll more difficult. Every NAIOP SoCal member, business owner and commercial property owner needs to be educated and to take the following ACTIONS. It is not difficult! ACTION:    Join the Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes Coalition to oppose Split Roll: ACTION:    Be informed and stay informed. Know what Proposition 13 is and how it protects your business. ACTION:    Read expert report on California Property Tax and the Facts about Split Roll and more! ACTION:    Budget significant contributions to help the campaign defeat Split Roll. There are a variety of ways to contribute.

  1. Directly to your NAIOP SoCal Issues PAC – click to download PDF of Contribution Form
  2. Directly to the Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes

Watch for more action items in future posts! Questions? Need more information? Contact your NAIOP SoCal Legislative Affairs Team Members – 949-380-3300 Vickie Talley, Director of Legislative Affairs – vickie@talleyassoc.com Peter Herzog, Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs – peter@talleyassoc.com