LA County Parcel Tax Proposed

The County of Los Angeles is proposing to adopt a parcel tax to pay to clean storm water runs off.  The proposals range from a per parcel tax to tax based on the square footage of the parcel and amount of impermeable surfaces on the parcel.  
NAIOP SoCal’s Peter Herzog is participating on a stakeholders committee and is an excellent resource for more information on this proposed new tax.  He is also requesting input from NAIOP SoCal Members.  If you are a property owner in Los Angeles County, please call Peter.  He can be reached at 949-380-3300 or email at
The Draft Program Elements for the Safe, Clean Water Program may be read in full clicking here.
Split Roll Property Tax Measure Scheduled for 2020 Ballot
April 23, 2018

Proponents of the Split Roll Property Tax measure that is currently circulating believe they will reach the required number of signatures. They have also decided to move the measure to the November 2020 election. They believe that more time to message and fundraise coupled with an expected higher Democrat-base voter turnout in the Presidential election will give them a higher chance of winning.  

Please feel free to contact Director of Legislative Affairs Vickie Talley with comments and suggestions.