June 5, 2018 Election – Ballot Measures – Voter Guide

There is a statewide primary election on June 5, 2018.  In addition to voting for various statewide elected offices, there are five (5) Propositions on the ballot.  CBPA is supporting the following four measures and taking no position on Proposition 71 because it just sets the date ballot measures would take effect after approved by the voters.  The California Chamber of Commerce is supporting all five of the Propositions.  For California Chamber of Commerce website link for additional information  –  http://advocacy.calchamber.com/elections/ballot-measures/

  • √ YES     Proposition 68      Authorizes Bonds Funding Parks, Natural Resources Protection, Climate Adaptation, Water Quality and Supply, and Flood Protection.
  • √ YES     Proposition 69      Requires That SB 1 Gas Tax Revenues Be Used for Transportation Purposes. Legislative Constitutional Amendment.
  • √ YES     Proposition 70      Requires Legislative Supermajority Vote Approving Use of Cap-And-Trade Reserve Fund.  Legislative Constitutional Amendment.
  • √ YES     Proposition 72      Permits Legislature to Exclude Newly Constructed Rain-Capture Systems From Property-Tax Reassessment Requirement. Legislative Constitutional Amendment.

Please feel free to contact Director of Legislative Affairs Vickie Talley with comments and suggestions.