Split Roll Proponents Submit Signatures for 2020 Ballot

On August 14, 2018 the group of labor unions, left-wing activists, and community groups that are advocating gutting Proposition 13 and creating a split-roll property tax, submitted signatures to place the initiative before voters on the November 2020 ballot.  Signs that the effort was struggling vanished once Facebook infused the effort with a $500,000 political donation which allowed them to pay for signatures.

Rex Hime, CBPA’s President and CEO is part of the leadership group opposing the split roll measure and was quoted in the group’s August 14, 2018 press release, “California already has the worst climate for business and job creation in the country.  A split-roll property tax will just increase pressure on many businesses that are already finding it hard to make ends meet.”  Read the full text of the Press Release

For the FULL TEXT of the Split Roll Tax Measure

Learn More at www.stophigherpropertytaxes.org

Any questions?  Please call or email to Director of Legislative Affairs Vickie Talley.