Election Results

NAIOP’s SoCal Political Action Committee was actively involved in the November election contributing over $100,000 to candidates and issues.  The most positive result was State Proposition 10 went down to an overwhelming defeat defeat.  This was the repeal of the Costa Hawkins Act and would have paved the way for rent control state-wide.

The local elections were a mixed bag with 20 of NAIOP SoCal supported candidates winning election and 11 losing, with one still too close to call. Statewide, the election result was very problematic as it gave the Democrats in both the Assembly and Senate a comfortable super majority.  With all the statewide offices being held by the Democrats, California is now a solid one-party state.

At the Federal level – history was made when Orange County “turned blue” with the entire House delegations now being held by the Democrats. Incumbent Republicans Mimi Walters and Dana Rohrabacher lost their reelection efforts, and Republican Candidates Diane Harkey and Young Kim lost their campaigns to replace long term Republican Representatives Issa and Royce.

For more detailed information, please contact Vickie Talley, Director of Legislative Affairs or Peter Herzog, Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs.