Art In Public Places Fee Updates | Defeated in City of Stanton | Fighting in County of Los Angeles

NAIOP SoCal closely monitors proposals to increase the cost of development with new regulations and fees. We are currently monitoring and opposing recommendations to implement a fee/tax in Los Angeles county would assess commercial developers 1% of the value of their project for “art”.

The City of Stanton had gone so far as to adopt a first reading of an ordinance to impose a fee of 1% of the value of the project. NAIOP SoCal joined forces with allied industry organizations including the Orange County BIA and were able to kill the proposal before the second reading, which would have put the new fee into place. The item was removed from the council agenda indefinitely. This was a huge win for NAIOP So Cal and for developers.

We are actively fighting implementation of these types of fees. In addition, the Pacific Legal Foundation has filed legal action against the City of Oakland and their art fee. To see a copy of the complaint click here.

Please feel free to contact Director of Legislative Affairs Vickie Talley with comments and suggestions.