Alumni Leadership

YPG doesn’t end with graduation. The program is a proven springboard, motivating graduates to continue growing their careers and developing key business skills by taking on leadership roles with NAIOP SoCal – in fact, YPG alumni are members of almost every committee. They help to plan educational programs and networking events, pursue sponsorship and membership opportunities, offer fresh eyes to our communications team and much more!

And, of course, many graduates join the YPG Alumni Committee, which stays active overseeing curriculum development, securing sponsors, recruiting and selecting new candidates, planning continuing education programs and participating in community outreach. Having completed the program themselves, the Committee is able to offer personal insight and support to new generations of YPG candidates and has a vested interest in continuing to take the program to new heights.

With the guidance of the Committee, the YPG program has become a self-sustaining vehicle; all aspects of the program have been managed by Committee members since 2008, a testament to just how well it instills a commitment to leadership in its graduates. Thirty-nine members strong, the Committee also partners with a team of advisors that are longstanding NAIOP SoCal members to continue to refine the program and uphold its place as a one-of-a-kind training ground for leaders in commercial real estate.

YPG Alumni Chair
Brad Schmitt
Savills Studley
Past Chair
Taylor Arnett
CapRock Partners

CLICK HERE to meet the full YPG Alumni Committee.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

NAIOP SoCal would like to thank all of the sponsors that make YPG possible.