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Split Roll Update

There are at least two bills introduced in the State Legislature dealing with property tax and the potential of taxing commercial real estate at a higher or more frequent rate than residential.  Any amendments to Proposition 13 to allow a “Split Roll” where commercial real estate would be taxed differently than residential would have to be approved by the voters of California.  It is unlikely that this will be brought to the voters until next year.  However, it is important that all NAIOP members go on record opposing split roll by going to Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes and click on “Join the Coalition”!  Thank you!  Your support is important.


Los Angeles County Resurrects Congestion Mitigation Fee

Some things never go away!  NAIOP and the Los Angeles business community have been fighting a proposal by LA Metro to impose a congestion mitigation fee since 2008.  It went away for a while, but it is back.  The focus continues to be on charging the fee only on new developments.  Our argument is that it is not only new development that is causing traffic congestion; therefore, there is a lack of nexus to target new construction.  For more information, contact Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs Peter Herzog.


450 of Over 2,500 New Bills Introduced Could Impact Commercial Real Estate!

NAIOP’s representative in Sacramento, California Business Properties Association (CBPA), has identified 450 proposed bills that could impact commercial real estate.  NAIOP members will be participating in evaluating these bills, which fall into issues such as ADA, CEQA, Environmental, Green Building, Water, Green House Gas, Landlord Tenant, Land Use, Electric Vehicle Issues, Regulatory Reform, Taxes, and Proposition 13/Property Taxes and Transportation.  For specific information on bills being tracked by NAIOP and CBPA or to review and comment on these bills, please contact Director of Legislative Affairs Vickie Talley.


SCAQMD Challenging ITE High Cube Warehouse Trip Numbers

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has taken issue with the Institute of Traffic Engineers’ truck trip numbers for high cube warehouses and has decided to conduct its own studies.  The agency recently announced the completion of its collection of trip count data at high cube warehouses and is making the data available to NAIOP and other members of the “Warehouse Working Group Stakeholders.”  NAIOP’s traffic engineer is currently analyzing the information and would appreciate any input from members with expertise in this area.  Contact Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs Peter Herzog for additional information.


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